MicroBT, a leader in mining hardware manufacturing, has just launched the WhatsMiner M60 series, a new generation of Bitcoin mining rigs. This cutting-edge series offers three distinct cooling methods – water-cooling, immersion, and air-cooling – allowing miners to select the best fit based on efficiency, cost, and specific operational requirements.
The WhatsMiner M60 Series is designed to align with the industry’s evolving needs, including ESG-friendly mining, customizable features, and compatibility with renewable energy sources.
In the immersion-cooled category, the WhatsMiner M66S and M66 models deliver hash rates between 298TH/s to 270TH/s and 276TH/s to 240TH/s, respectively. Their impressive energy efficiencies, rated at 18.5 J/T for the M66S and 19.9 J/T for the M66, enable miners to significantly boost hashing power while reducing energy expenses. This efficiency translates to more effective mining operations and lowered operational costs.
The water-cooled models, WhatsMiner M63S and M63, offer higher hash rates, ranging from 390TH/s to 360TH/s and 366TH/s to 334TH/s, respectively. With energy efficiency ratings of 18.5 J/H and 19.9 J/T, these models strike an excellent balance between hashing capability and energy usage.
For environments where liquid cooling isn’t feasible, the air-cooled WhatsMiner M60S and M60 are ideal. They provide hash rates from 186Th/s to 170Th/s and 172Th/s to 150Th/s, respectively. With efficiency ratings of 18.5 J/T and 19.9 J/T, these models are well-suited for a broad range of mining operations, especially in areas with less developed cooling infrastructure.

SAIHEAT’s RANKBOX Cooling System: Cooling for a New Era

SAIHEAT’s RANKBOX cooling system is an innovative solution designed to address the challenges brought by traditional cooling methods. It is specially crafted to overcome the drawbacks of conventional cooling techniques while leveraging the benefits of water cooling:
Increased Efficiency: SAIHEAT’s system optimizes the cooling process to ensure that equipment maintains optimal temperatures, thereby enhancing the lifespan and performance of the hardware.
Reduced Maintenance: The RANKBOX system features a more streamlined design and advanced materials, requiring less maintenance than traditional setups, thus saving time and cost.
Space-Saving Design: SAIHEAT’s cooling system offers a compact and efficient design, reducing the bulkiness associated with traditional water cooling systems.

MicroBT: Pioneering the Future of Cryptocurrency Mining

MicroBT, a relatively young yet formidable player in the cryptocurrency mining industry, has quickly risen to prominence through its innovative approaches and high-performance mining equipment. Established in 2016 by Yang Zuoxing, a former Bitmain engineer, MicroBT has carved out a significant place for itself in the competitive landscape of crypto mining hardware manufacturing. This comprehensive exploration delves into MicroBT’s journey, examining its origins, growth, challenges, and contributions to the field of cryptocurrency mining.

The Beginning: MicroBT’s Founding and Philosophy

2016: The Inception: MicroBT was founded in 2016 in Shenzhen, China. Yang Zuoxing, leveraging his experience and expertise in the field, aimed to create mining machines that could compete with the best in the industry.
Early Philosophy: The company’s initial philosophy revolved around innovation, efficiency, and reliability. MicroBT sought to create mining equipment that offered better power efficiency and longevity compared to existing options.

Rapid Growth and the WhatsMiner Series

MicroBT quickly made headlines with its WhatsMiner series. These ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) miners were recognized for their high performance and energy efficiency, directly competing with industry giants.
MicroBT continually innovated, improving the hash rate and energy efficiency of its miners. The company invested heavily in R&D, ensuring that their products remained at the cutting edge of technology.

Expansion and Market Penetration

Despite being a late entrant into the market, MicroBT expanded its operations globally, penetrating markets that were once dominated by established players. The company set up distribution and service centers in various regions to cater to a growing international customer base.
MicroBT’s competitive pricing, coupled with the superior performance of its mining equipment, allowed it to rapidly gain a significant market share in the cryptocurrency mining hardware industry.

Challenges and Legal Hurdles

MicroBT faced legal challenges, including intellectual property disputes. The most notable was a legal confrontation with Bitmain, where Yang was previously employed.
Like many in the crypto industry, MicroBT had to navigate the complex and often changing regulatory environments in different countries, affecting both its manufacturing and distribution strategies.

Technological Advances and Product Line

MicroBT’s commitment to innovation led to the continual improvement of the WhatsMiner series, with newer models offering enhanced hash rates and better energy efficiency.
The company’s product line expanded to cater to various segments of the market, from entry-level miners to high-end, industrial-scale mining operations.

Community Engagement and Industry Impact

MicroBT has played a significant role in supporting the broader cryptocurrency community, contributing to discussions around blockchain technology, mining efficiency, and sustainability.
With the increasing focus on the environmental impact of crypto mining, MicroBT has been involved in initiatives and technological advancements aimed at making mining more sustainable.

Future Outlook

MicroBT continues to adapt to the rapidly changing cryptocurrency market, focusing on developing mining solutions that meet the evolving needs of the industry.
The company is poised to continue its trajectory of innovation, with plans to explore new blockchain technologies and potentially diversify into related areas.
Recognizing the growing concerns around energy consumption in mining, MicroBT is likely to invest further in developing more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly mining solutions.


MicroBT’s journey, marked by rapid growth and technological innovation, demonstrates its significant impact on the cryptocurrency mining sector. The company’s dedication to quality, efficiency, and customer service has earned it a reputable position in the industry. As the crypto landscape continues to evolve, MicroBT’s role in shaping the future of cryptocurrency mining remains a focal point. Its ability to navigate upcoming challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities will be key to maintaining its status as a leading player in the mining hardware market.