Integrated Rack-mounted liquid-cooling infrastructure product

RACKBOX provides an innovative solution to efficiently cool down crypto mining rigs. With liquid cooling, it is capable of handling dissipation of high-performance servers such as the Whatsminer series. RACKBOX is designed to accommodate up to 100 units of rack- mounted 2U standard servers. Servers can achieve dynamic performance tuning that ranges from : 20% with liquid cooling. RACKBOX has a standard 19-inch rack design for easy operation and maintenance purposes. On top of the top-notch features above, RACKBOX has reserved a waste heat recycle interface for customers to recover waste computing heat from hashing activities. lts heat recycle inlet water temperature can reach up to 55°C/131°F which can be applied to agricultural, industrial, and other scenarios where there are needs for sufficient and reliable heating

Specifications:1030KW |Miner Capacity 100 UnitsCompatible Devices:Whatsminer M53/33


Overall Weight6.3Ton
Standard Power1030KW
IT Power Miner @high performance mode IT Power Miner @nomal mode1000KW
Rated Voltage and Frequency415V±5%,50/60HZ
Miner Capacity100 Units
Compatible DevicesWhatsminer M53/33
Safety StandardsUL
Heat Dissipation MethodClosed cooling tower
Outlet Temperature28°C Wet Bulb Temperature
45°C 30%RH
PowerMain SwitchUL:1600A/3P 65KA
Rated Current1462A
Power SystemTN-S(3L+N+PE)
Inlet CableL1~L3: (single core cable 600kcMil*3)*3
N Single-core cable 600kcMil*2
PE single-core cable 600kcMil*2
Quantity of RACKBOX powered by one 2500kVA Transformer2
HVACCooling Tower Capacity1100KW
Unit Size20ft’container(6058*2438*2896mm)
Shipping Weight7T
Operating Weight11.85T
No. of Fans3
Heating Recycle System CoolantWater
Water Consumption1~1.5m³/h
Internal Circulation Coolant50% Ethylene Glycol/Pure Water
Rated Thermal Efficiency≥97%
Heating Area
Miner @high performance mode
3880~19400㎡(Greenhouse~Apartment House)
Heating Area
Miner @nomal mode
2560~12804㎡(Greenhouse~Apartment House)
Rated supply/return water temperature
Miner @nomal mode
Rated supply/return water temperature
Miner @high performance mode
Heating Return Pipe DiameterDN150
Heating Outlet Pipe DiameterDN150
Replenishment Pipe DiameterDN25
Sewage Pipe DiameterDN50

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