Immersion-cooling indoor AI server hosting product

Standard Power: 30KW

Servers Capabilities: 28U

Along with CDU & PDU

TANKBOX-AI is a containerized data center with immersive liquid cooling capabilities, in conjunction with GIGABYTE’s HPC immersion servers.

The preliminary design of the Product is a 40-ft container with Tier Ill Standard.which is able to contain HPC/AI immersion servers from GIGABYTE that are placed in four 36U cooling tanks with a total rack size of 144U.


Overall Weight12 Ton
Standard Power240KW
IT Power210KW
Rated Voltage and Frequency415V±5%,50/60HZ
Number of TanksFour
Single TANK Specifications36U
Compatible DevicesImmersion servers
Safety StandardsUL/CE
Heat Dissipation MethodInternal circulation: single-phase immersion External circulation: cooling tower
Fire controlHeptafluoropropane (70L)
Deployment environment32℃ Wet Bulb Temperature 50℃ 30%RH
PowerMain SwitchUL:400A/3P 65KA
Branch SwitchUL:80A/3P
Rated Current380A
PDUAC250V C19*18+C13*1
Power SystemTN-S(3L+N+PE)
Inlet CableL1~L3: (single core cable 600kcMil*1)*3 N Single-core cable 600kcMil*1 PE single-core cable 600kcMil*1
Battery Backup Time5 mins
Power supply methodDual utility + generator
HVACCooling Tower Capacity300KW
Unit Size2200*2400*2480mm(L*W*H)
Shipping Weight1.6 Ton
Operating Weight2.8 Ton
External Circulation CoolantWater
Water Consumption0.3~0.4m³/h
Internal Circulation CoolantCooling Oil (Hydrocarbon Recommended)
Minimum Coolant Amount3.8m³1000Gallon us
Inlet/Outlet Water Temperature Miner @normal mode50/60℃122℉/140℉
Replenishment Pipe DiameterDN25
Sewage Pipe DiameterDN50
Air-conditioning cooling capacity10KW+10KW
Heat RecycleRated Thermal Efficiency≥97%
Heating Area2328~11640㎡(Greenhouse- Apartment House)
Heat Recycle Inlet/Outlet Water Temperature55/45℃131℉/113℉
Heating Inlet Pipe DiameterDN100
Heating Outlet Pipe DiameterDN100

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